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About the SoA charity

On October 23rd, 2016, The Woonona Bulli School of Arts Incorporated became a registered charity; officially beginning an important mission of advancing education and improving social and public welfare that continues to this day.

While the School of Arts and the Mechanics Institute were originally founded as places of education, Schools of Arts are on the decline as a whole, with nearly 60% having already been shut or closed down in Australia in recent years. Unless these schools embrace change and develop a meaningful role in today’s society, they risk being lost to the community forever. SOA aims to reconnect with the groups, communities, and individuals it serves through multiple outreach initiatives.

Our Mission

First and foremost, we provide a valuable space for educational workshops and fundraising events, ensuring that a lack of hosting space won’t hold back worthy initiatives that enrich our community.

In addition to these collaborations, we’re proud to provide grants and sponsorships to fellow charitable organisations each year. We believe that making a true difference starts with supporting and uplifting groups that are working hard to bring about positive change.

Our Passion

When the trio of philanthropists that founded our organisation first embarked on this charitable journey, the Illawarra region was just beginning to flourish with new residents. Their mission was – and is – to provide a sturdy building block of philanthropy to enrich our mutual society. That means lending a hand where we’re needed, encouraging other charities through grants and scholarships, and functioning as a useful space for community classes, events, and more. We believe this effort uplifts us all through an attitude of mutual civic responsibility.

Goodwill Hall Collaboration [Classes, Workshops & Fundraising Events]

If you’re interested in using our facilities for a fee-free seminar, workshop, or class, we encourage you to contact us to discuss your needs and determine what we’re able to offer. We can also help you organise a daytime or afternoon charity class, with all proceeds from the class going directly to a specified charity.

SOA is particularly interested in events that offer information on the following topics:

  • Mental Health and Well-being [Children, Adolescents and/or Adults]
  • Women’s Health Topics
  • Environmental Causes and Advocacy
  • DIY Workshops and “How-To” Classes
  • Arts and Culture Discussions or Seminars
  • Animal Welfare Workshops or Training
  • Any Other Topics that Benefit Our Community

Important Information for Hall Patrons

When you use our facilities – either weekly or for one-off events – you’re helping SOA with its mission to give back to the community. The funds we take in for hall hire allow us to extend our facilities to other charitable organisations for low cost or fee-free, support other charity groups through sponsorships and grants, and offer free educational opportunities to all.

Your continued support has allowed us to help worthy organisations such as SCARF, Hidden Harvest and INAG, which filmed a video project in the hall itself. Notable fundraisers include a “High Tea for Riely Kai” event that raised money to buy a new wheelchair access van. When you support SOA through hall hire, you aren’t just helping us: you’re helping many others as well!

Grants & Sponsorship

Twice yearly, WBSOA offers a small grant to community groups and organisations as part of our philanthropic mission. Our selected causes and groups are picked from a wide range of causes: if you believe your group or organisation would be a good candidate, please fill out our grant application form and return the completed form to us by the posted due date for consideration.

Download Grant application

To apply for a sponsorship. please contact us via email directly at

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Information about Our School-Organised Movie Nights for Charity



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