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Woonona Bulli School of Arts – School organised Movie Night for Charity

WBSOA is looking for school age students from ages 11-17 to host a movie night for charity. The incentive is for school age students to learn some basic organisational and management skills along with gaining a good understanding of their chosen charity.

Outline of hosting a movie night at WBSOA

  • Choose from one of our chosen charities. Research this charity and make a short 2 min slide presentation on why this charity is important. This information will be shown before the movie starts.
  • Choose a date and time to host the movie night at the WBSOA. Choose the movie and check with us to confirm your choice. Ticket prices will be $15.00. Will there be snacks for sale on the day?
  • Create an advertisement poster with the details on the movie night (this must be a computer file so we can put it on our facebook page)
  • Spread the word! Advertise the event 2-4 weeks in advance. Street posters, shop posters, online, newspaper and radio are all options.
  • Host the event;  set up, enjoy the show, clean up the hall before you leave.

Selection of Charities


More information about us

Grants are given out to the community twice a year with the first grant given in March and the second grant given in October. Please submit your applications before the 25th of February for the first grant and the 25th of August for the second grant.

Why do we give out grants? The WBSOA is a registered charity with the ACNC. We operate as a philanthropic charity with the intention of providing assistance to the community where there is need. This covers a broad range of interest from education, environmental awareness to adolescent mental health and wellbeing; through to animal welfare and arts & culture building within the community. We also give grants to other charities.  Any matter that is for the benefit of the society we live in will be considered for a WBSOA grant.

Talent Show Fundraiser for Chloe Saxby

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